Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Like I've said before, I think the whole mystery behind the so called fabled "Tree of life" is simple. We can't find it because we're on it!

Earth is the tree of life!

The ancient mystic who first started the story was lost in a desert, eons ago, and under a dying tree, near death from dehydration, he hallucinated, and for the first time he saw the braches of the tree reaching out for the stars as it's roots and the soil/earth he lay upon, as the tree's real branches and leaves, the tree itself, infact!

A funny palindrome, this tree is...

and all the living things are it's fruits. When we die, like a ripe fruit falling into the ground and becoming manure (one with earth), our souls will, perhaps, fly away on a new adventure, into space or become one with it!

This might explain the unexplainable "dark matter"... or maybe not.

Nevermind the crappy pic, lol!

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