Sunday, October 5, 2008


All rights to whatever written, ideas, characters, or whatever are retained by the girl it is dedicated to (who so far has secretly been directing the story at the risk of forever ruining her reputation beyond recovery, full credits to her for that, without her, this would've been never ever possible) and, me of course!
what I meant to say is that it doesn't require my permission to reproduce, reprint or whatever this work, as long as you have hers.
Ah, just needed to clear this one out.

P.S: That's all folks, from today on, I quit writing... Getting tired of putting out crap after crap.
I am done as far as writing is concern.

It has been fun though, and I thank all the readers if any have been reading it at all.
This is my goodbye... I probably will post one last chapter to tie up all lose ends... and that's it, I'm done.
thank God it's over!

Oh, and this is also my farewell to my girl. from this day on I shall not even think about her, nor should she ever think about me again, that is if she loves me even a bit, oterwise I will lose my soul to a being called "Anaob".

I know it sounds silly but remember that simpsons episode where Bart sold his soul? Well, it's kindda like that, and I am real scared, so please save my soul, and love/remember me no more.

we haven't met yet, keep it that way. Please stay away if you like me.


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