Monday, March 23, 2009


Good news folks!

You all must have been wondering as to why I left all my story unfinished. I didn't even get to plot development, all I did was introduced the characters, right?

Well, no worries. The rest of the story is on it's way, as short movies! Yes!

I'll be studying Film production in australia this year, if everything works out. I get to make six movies while I study there, and I'll be working along with my classmates and teachers to put out the story I've in my head as movies.

Expect the unexpected, and wear daipers while you watch it. You might crap yourself outta fun overload.


- Eddie.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I recently watched some intresting vids on "youtube" about money and the whole banking system.

Now, the crisis we're in right now, in my opinion, is partly responsible by lots of ppl not paying back their small debts, and mainly responsible by almost all of the rich/superrich ppl who aren't spending/using more than 80% of their money.

It's the same thing.

Where did the value of the money go away? Well, nowhere, we just had to make up lots of extra money out of nowhere to take the place of all the huge amount of money that gets hiddden away by these ppl.

Now, in the days of gold and silver, this might've even caused a slight rise in value, but everybody knows that paper money gets created out of nowhere because:

1. those who take huge huge amounts of money and then freeze it somewhere safe instead of circulating it, are taking something out, but not providing any replacement.
Your little group has 100 toys, you take out 20 and hide it away. Some other people too take out 5-10-20 toys and hide it away. Now, the rest of the group are having a hard time playing due to insufficient toys, (so to make them quit complaining, somebody makes some more toys, thus instantly decreasing the orginal toy's value.)

Now, this problem was noted the first time it menifested, and such preventive mesures were taken:

You have 20 hidden toys and out there 20 ppl need toys, so you make them do chores for you, get you an apple, give you a massage (?), beat someone up etc etc if they want a toy.

Now, the 20 toys are converted into it's potential: labour and raw meterials.

Now, the rich people are rich because they take in 20 toys and give out 10 toys, which leaves us with 10 unused toys rotting away in a cupboard somewhere.

How many such toys are rotting away unused?

Well, enough to cause this economic crisis, I suppose.

Bring them out, use it to make even more money. Yes we know that money while in it's fluid state sometimes reverts back to its original state, nothing, leaving you banckrupt, and so you want to keep some cash untouched as back up. Good, do so, but keep just enough to get by, otherwise the very money you're saving will be responsible for devaluing itself.

Now, that's where banks come in, and I am not a bank specialist, but still, I believe that paying off debts as a birthdaypresent or for mother/father's day or on any such celebratory holidays will help a lot.
It'll not be enough, however.

The rich must keep the money circulation going.

Yes, the only way out of this crisis might be to celebrate our way out of it, lol.
What are your thoughts?


Rich people, do this:

1. work out a way to leech back in money.

2. Now, throw your money out into the public.

3. The process of money travelling from you to the poor, and back to you is what keeps the world moving.

4. stop thinking, "oh, well, I'm just a millionare not a billionare, I don't think I can help much, I'll just save my money, and let the other rich people do it."cause that's just like littering, you know. Every little bit helps.

5. world war three won't happen, cause times have changed and people have figured out who is the one desperate to start a war and why, and they're all willing to wait it out, so 2012 is officially cancelled.

let's all just get along, shall we?

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