Friday, November 21, 2008

Regarding the characters

If you haven't figured out by now, this story was written the way "Romeo and Juliet" was performed. In short, Red Jack is my wild assumption of Jackie, and her adventures, while I pop in every now and then as Jane.

The name is due to my fondness of "Crazy Jane", a character in Doom patrol.


Tim is just “innocence” delivered through the voice of Sir Wodehouse. I pretended to be Wooster every time I wrote Tim’s (Sir Wodehouse’s) adventures for my own personal comedic pleasures, and its cyclic justice just makes me smile.


Syd is Syd Barrett. His mind left his body when he was a young man and I wasn’t sure where it was. This was my way of trapping the mind/soul of my favourite artist in a rose coloured world where he won’t be scared or hurt anymore, while his body suffered in this cruel world of owrs. The least I could do for him.


Ed is the common point between me and my love. He’s both of us.

Ok, now the story will start making more sense... or not...

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