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INTRO: Ah, it’s me the mad director again!
Feels good to be back inside the story doesn’t it? Well, never mind, as of now, let’s forget what’s currently happening, and go visit Red Jack in his future, say, ten years into the future from where we left him last..
Out of the storm that hugged the landscape, blurring moonlight, in a ghostly mess, yes, out steps, Red Jack!
“Why this unholy head ache?” he uttered, and scratched his head, wished he wasn’t so utterly mad... bad... sad... red jack?
“I am Red Jack?”
“Is my image trapped by the bad vibes attached to this name? Am I going to let a name destroy my true self? Why allow the name to change me?
If, I could only... if I could only change the vibe of this name! Completely recycle it’s bad baggage...
Ah, I daresay, I should!”
And he stood there, storm leaking inside his head.
The colour “blue”, his bed, somewhere I read.
Finally he scratches his chin, and exclaims, “Headcheese!”
SECOND PART: déjà vu?
I was resting under a ladder, for some reason, when out of nowhere, a most annoying voice yelled, “TIM” into my right ear, immediately rattling all the earwax inside! More annoying was the fact that it was immediately followed by more yelling into the left ear along the lines of, “HOW ARE YOU? BLAH, BLAH, BLAH...!”
I turned quickly, with skills, only reserved by god, for extremely talented ninjas... but I slipped, and I fell, cheek-slamming the ground!
But that was due to the dry ground being so slippery, my skills are legendary, mind you, not my fault!
I blacked out!
Nah, before I blacked out I thought about all the people who’d be laughing at me... butterlegs?
Oh god!
Yeah, and now I blacked out...

Again, the blue seas rise...
They come in “red” size...
And Tim lands, upon a surprise!
Floating high, near a space ship, with sails that snitches ghosts together, as meanings and stories behind it gather, driving the ship on...
Into the unknown...
Tim floats towards the ship, a ship so huge... HUGE!
He climbs on board, and before he could take another step, by his foot, a note.
It wrestled him into a trance, tied his attention into a knot.
He picked it up in slow motion, and eyeballed it with dripping notion.
Thoughts, immediately, started sliding, as if on lotion!
Here’s what was written:
Hello Tim,
Consider yourself as this world that we live in. Consider all humanity as one, YOU! Now, let’s say, you have certain infected organs.
A liver disease?
How do you cure yourself?
By completely destroying the liver? No liver, no problem?
No, right? The infected liver is a part of you.
You fight the wrong enemy... hurt yourself... you do these:
1. First of all, you need to accept that the liver is infected by your abuse (how you behave towards it, drinks?), don’t abuse it anymore.
2. Liver is not the problem, germs infecting it are. Negative or bad thinking patters are the germs here, as the liver now represents a group of people/slice of earth.
3. Take medication and cure it, here, the cure is ideas, beautiful and unsurpassed in scale. Something that would truly rattle the pattern of thought process that enslaves the soul and torments it. But you’ve to take the medication, and that’s action!
Ask, how can a thing such as an idea, something that barely exists, has no physical form whatsoever, carry so much weight?
Well, simple, let’s just say that a fight starts, it can either go on until one or both sides are down, or someone could just stand up and solve it peacefully, make them all kiss and make up, you see.
When a whole village were stoning a prostitute to death, it would have taken so much riot police to stop them, and even then, there would have been too much causality. Jesus simply walked in, and stopped them with just a thought packed in a sentence, see!
In fact, consider yourself as the world again, and the current situation, a pile of mud in your hands. You take an idea out of your head, give the confused masses a shape and a direction. you create a pot/vessel out of that clay.
You give it such a shape that it can contain water, there! Now ain’t it convenient?
You’ve just witnessed the life story of an idea. How it was born inside your head, grew up through your actions, and ended with a lifetime achievement award, leaving it’s mark on this world, you.
The world looking at the vessel and remembering the idea lovingly and with awe... proudly saying, “Ah, see this, I did it!”
Wait now, don’t you worry too much, let’s take a break and reflect on your past, You, Dear World! I am talking to you!
How once upon a time we were savages... oh, how far we have progressed!
Sometimes, if you look at it through glasses made out of a quite night and an early spring morning, you’ll realise that peace is directly related to progress. What is now outrageous, was, once the norm.
All the philosophers, scientists, saints... they paid less attention to the grasslands of everyday thoughts, and spent the thinking energy on the wild forest of gigantic ideas, so within our reach, but unable, too many distractions... Tie yourself to reality with a rope made out of true love, justice, and the truth! Think!
Every last one of them... See the pattern? They moved to the next level, they became super beings! They fought for the truth, didn’t they?
Their ally, ideas.
They wielded, naught but it!
Why kick or push the robot, use the remote!
Our history is our experience, mankind will grow mild, loving, understanding, mature, and humble as it grows, as do human beings, just as, up to some point, your taste in music.
Only thing is, in the case of mankind, we are the hormones. We’ve to turn this boy (mankind) into a man, then and only then, will mankind be fit enough to reproduce, in this case, live on...
But ages ago, there were so many philosophers and saints, you ask? Well, yeah, but media was missing, and therefore, their ideas couldn’t spread fast enough, far enough, simple!
So now that we have media, what do we do, you ask?
Simple! I ask all the TV channels, I ask all the directors and producers of this world, get together... Let’s write history!
We’ll tell this world, “There now, there’s world peace, and here’s the bill: your love!”
Let’s give humanity no other choice but to absolutely adore us.
Let me pitch an idea to the producers/directors of this world, and it’s free:
Why don’t we make a reality show about saving this earth? Yeah, why just save the world, let’s make some profit out of it too, while we’re at it, shall we? About solving all it’s problems? Like survivor, but instead, focus on groups saving the world, and the group that helps the most, wins? Like a reality adventure, where billionaires go around helping the cause they believe in, helping the needy and stuff. All you billionaires, all around the world, listen up, all you media moguls! Let’s make this happen! I can’t drag this world into the story on my own, unless you help, by doing your part. Go, become heroes! You’ve already become billionaires, now, go, on to the next level! Drag all your fantasies out, become the superheroes you’ve always dreamt of becoming!
Don’t be content with all these weak s**t! Let’s uncoil the gods with us all!
Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Oprah, Tiger Woods, and all powerful business man/women, if this world is your workplace, how would you make it more efficient? How would you run it? What about some of your employers fighting amongst themselves, does it makes you company (world) progress? Don’t fire them, please, remember the “liver disease” part? How did you build your empire? You all have successfully built an empire, now build this world!
Let’s turn this generation into a legend, every generation, before and after, will remember!
Why don’t you guys get together and do that with this world?
There, I’m throwing immortality right into your laps! The idea itself is the immortality pill, eat it, and that’s action, which means:
You put the pill in your mouth...
You put the idea into action...
Put it into action, and Walla! Now, you’re immortal!
Trick all the doubts out of our thinking patterns?
C’mon, heaven is that near!
Take care, and have fun!
-Eddieson O
A breeze blows inside your skull now...
A voice brings Tim’s attention back to his immediate surroundings, atop the super ghostly spaceship.
There, far away on the other end of the spaceship, standing, were two and a half figures!
By that, I mean, two figures, and one, you couldn’t properly see...
“Do I know you guys?” yelled Tim.
“Maybe, maybe not, but we sure do know you, Tim! Nice to meet you, bro! You super retarded funball kid, you! I am Eddieson, I see that you’ve found that note, I wrote.” Said a lazy dumb sounding guy, sounding real excited, hehe!
“Well, why did you write me a note? How do you know my name?” asked Tim.
“You know what, the funny thing is, it’s magick, you see!” Eddieson replies, with a grin reflecting yellow light all over the place, you should’ve seen the bugs it displaced, hehe!
“It reads ‘Hello (YOUR NAME HERE. READERS? YOU?) at the beginning, you just saw your name, cause it’s addressed to the reader, and at that moment, you were reading it.” He added!
“Oh... um... sorry Mister, but I don’t know your name, and funny, I can’t seem to get a good look at you, you know, can’t warp my vision/mind around you.” Said Tim, turning to the man who barely was there.
“Ah, Nobody!” replied a voice of voices from a thousand different dimensions!
“This time the brotherhood will include this whole world, so that there are no enemies, whatsoever, left to stop us from turning this world into a dream machine! Everyone will be on our side! Fun, fun, fun!”
“...I can’t tell you my name due to copyright reasons, but it starts with a ‘W’. Good chap, you turned out to be! You look as bright as a brick! brick’s can sometimes be real shinny, you know... well...nothing, nothing... carry on, carry on!” said the thin man in a shabby suit, in a thick British accent.
“Red Jack passed this way not so long ago, looks like he’s got a plan!” Eddieson cut in.
“He’s changed a lot now, I heard. Bystander says, he’s now completely transformed from his counter-writing the cosmic writer (who ironically is himself, sort of), the being who was writing his story, heard that the cosmic writer has transformed a lot too!
Red Jack’s turned into this being, a red walking garment with a mask floating atop, where normally, his dumb face use to be! And he’s got wicked powers, oh, and did you see his house? He heals sick/injured butterflies by sticking them on the walls of his healing hall! Dumb guy says he feeds off their pain, recycles it into healing energy or something!” said Tim.
SEMI-OUTRO: We’ll come to all that later on, but right now, let’s continue with the story!
What’s up, Red Jack?
Damp walls close in again, and Red Jack blinks, the walls run away, as he does so... transforming the room into a gigantic hall.
Stairs ascend and descend, and Red Jack glides, rests himself on the highest top right corner of the hall wall, and meditates.
His love... Jane... another persona of her existing... wants to help her, and her superhero team, of absolutely retarded freaks! But a problem, there is a girl among them, in a coma, about to transform... either into an angel like being of sorts, or literally into “The end of all things good” and only he can see to it that she transforms into this angel like being, and not PURE EVIL!
Lately, he’s been going nuts, worried about his love, and how others were torturing her... he even started posting on DV!
The only way to do that is that she inflicts some damage on him, using his own weapon... steal, and attack?
That would transform them both, her, slowly, him, instantly!
Was he willing to risk it, for his love? Yeah, darn all, chop-chop, he thought!
“Am I the idea that I am gonna use to recycle the aura of the name, ‘Red Jack’?” he thought out aloud... “is such a thing even possible?
Yeah! It was so, so simple... yes, I see a hospital in my sight!”
Stairs descend, and walls play doors...
And out walks Red Jack, for the “lady in a coma”, sure to meet Jane that way, they’ll come to him, thinking that he’s gonna harm her, no he’s saving them all plus meeting his love one last time.”
He thought about it for a while, back in his halls, the “girl in a coma” disposed on the healing couch behind him... then they came!
A robot like thing, Jane, a three-in-one freak, and a young man.
He decides to have some fun...
Taste the strength of his lover’s companions, to make sure, if they’d be able to protect her, in his absence.
One by one they go down, but something about them, a will, for the truth, for justice... a will that couldn’t be contained, or restricted in any way... TRUTH, FIGHT FOR THE TRUTH!
Who is Red Jack?
Jack the Ripper?
Nah, just a good guy, this time around, name just happens to be “Red Jack”, what’s in a name, a label?
He’d be so good that the name “Red Jack” would be forced to have a good aura too! Yeah, give the darn black cloud a silver lining! Yeah, Red Jack/jack the Ripper was a psycho killed, is burning in hell... not the Red Jack in this story, not him, he’s just another good guy, who’s name happens to be “Red Jack”, he never killed a fly, let alone a human! One, who’s been turned into a bad guy by people who didn’t bother to find the TRUTH ABOUT THIS RED JACK!
“Ask Eddieson Okram, he’ll understand my agony!” he thinks...
Ah, let me go out in style he thinks as the “girl in a comma” wakes up briefly and stabs him with his own weapon!
“Dear Jane, I love you beyond control!” he thinks as he starts to vanish...
And with that, he vanishes, and the mask tumbles to the ground... he’s flying through the nebulas and galaxies... he’s... he’s turned back into Naoba, now! And by his side, one of Jane’s many personas, the one which could exist away from Jane, as a separate being as his soulmate, as Jackie(?), follows him, one dimension, into another!
Outro: Somewhere in Toronto, Eddieson Okram who studied performing art at GBC on fall 05, and studied graphic design at the same college during winter 07, felt as if he’d found himself again, in a girl “J.T”, whom he met on “” and was listed as from Vancouver in her profile.
“Ok, time to trap this world into world peace, he thought.”
Almost three years passed now... and that’s how long it took for this step inside the story to take, this time, it started in Vancouver, and Toronto... and all the people who’re reading this, welcome to the story, help me drag the rest of the world, in...
The lesson is a charm designed to deliver justice to evil, corrupted hearts, beware!
Let’s try to fully understand this on every level...
It’s multi-layered, you see...
And then, and only then, God’ll bless you!


Patsy said...

Dr Taylor teaches us how to attain deep inner peace - easily, simply, without drugs, anytime we want it. Forgive me for doing everything I can to be sure everyone reads this book and sees this video, but I think all of us benefit and in the larger sense, if everyone reads this, our world will benefit in a very large way.

Okram eddieson said...

Dear Patsy, I don't know what video you're talking about. as for this book, it isn't finished yet... lot's and lots more to be written (it's not even the intro done, so far!), by the time it ends, this world would be on a far different and way more fantastic level, cheers!

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