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This story, when I first started, was created as a vehicle to travel into the world of imagination and gather ideas and characters, and bring them out, but there was a catch. I needed an anchor to keep my feet tied to the ground, and I needed the strongest possible rope to find my way back, in case I get lost, had to make this rope out of love.

True love.

You see, the thing is that you can walk around and gather ideas from the safe and explored zone, but the ideas here were small and tamed, a grassland, I wanted to explore emotions and ideas so huge, call it a wild forest of ideas where there's enough beauty to completely transform you, but also enough ideas so horrible that it'd make you just snap or go insane.
In short, I went into the mouth of madness, but in order to be immune to it, I had to fall in love, true love. Love IS madness.
I became madness in order to escape it.
Dressed in love, I was a man landing on the moon without being eaten alive by nothingness.
The thing is that once I started bringing fictionalcharacters out, from the world of imagination, into this world, I kindda started to think like them. There was a time when one character came out, and, for the first time saw this world through my eyes, normally he would've immideately gone insane after seeing this horror but he had a spacesuit made out of love, hehe, here's what he saw:

Take this world as a room, and all the countries, races, and religions in it as humans. Now what do you see when you walk into this room?
Some people crouching by the walls suffering, some people fighting, some walking around cluelessly and alone, and some following them even more cluelessly.
This world looks like an infected asylum, people! Smarten up!
And not to mention the fact that once in a while when somebody comes in with the truth, you all immideately kill them! Aren't we behaving like brain eating zombies?

All the prophets/saints/whatever are scared, they won't visit anymore. Remember the time way back around the birth of Christ, there were lot's of them were coming, and then it suddenly stopped?

Shouldn't all this people get tougather and play? We'll play a while and then tidy up the room, and then we'll sit tougather and talk to each other. That's the way this world should walk.

We need more promotion of everything. World arts tournament, science tournament etc. hate can't just disappear (without side effects) turn it into friendly healthy competition.
Religions aren't bad either. We need religions to compete in a friendly, “which religion is the kindest and most giving” game.
This world is just an infant. It has all the senses required (in the form of different fields of science, arts, and every little differences we have) but this baby can't walk yet because it's senses aren't co-ordinated yet. Once we unite, senses co-ordinate, and we take our first step.
We haven't begun our lives yet people, I think this little baby called “world” is gonna grow up into one sexy adult and have wonderful adventures.
C'mon let's take our first step tougather, cheers!
No more need to look up our butts and ask ourselves, “what's the secret of life?” when it's right there in front of us.
Thank u, and peace!
Oh and don't fight the power, the power is ours, use it!

- Eddieson Okram

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