Friday, April 24, 2009


This idea suddenly popped into my head while discussing other earth like planets on a public forum:

how to get there, they're soooo very far?

not much when we invent some way to generate wormholes... or invent time travell and light speed travell and use both tougather at once and simultaneously like a justice scale, so that you constantly time travell while travelling so that the time that goes by while travelling is neutralized, so you reach the destination zero time spent.

Einstein said that after reaching/excelling the speed of light, you start travelling back in time, right? Well, then maybe light speed and time travell come hand in hand.If that is the case, my theory about why you can't excel the speed of light is because the moment you reach/excel light speed is the moment you reach you destination, anywhere in the universe, wherever it is! Cause that's when time freezes and drops out the equation, and since time doesn't exist anymore or is disabled, speed of the object can't be measured, and since speed and time are gone, when you reach your destination, you won't remember the speed or the time, cause it just was non-existance after you reached light speed, and hence, you'll reach your destination the next instant you excel lightspeed, wherever in the universe it is!!!!So it's like a doorway to everywhere after lightspeed without taking any time, in an instant!!!

There would be no need to plan our journey as if we'll collide into something while travelling. That won't happen, I'll explain below.After excelling light speed, when you arrive at your destination, it might be a surprise cause you'll be travelling the entire distance/time, but it happens in another dimension of sorts where time and speed doesn't exist (no spaceship fuel consumption, no aging, no concept of time), so before reaching the official destination, you might run into something really intresting (like encountring other alien civillizations) and stop there instead. And when you stop at that location, it'd be like you're transported there in an instant, you're aware that it's not the official location and that you made the descion to stop there to inspect the alien civillization. This destination would've surprised you an instant ago (as it's not the official destination), but you understand it the next instant, so this is bound to a bit confusing rush.In short, all time after excelling light speed and before you make a stop (destination), will not exist, as if you were driving with just your thoughts, like a psychic searches for something, BUT there'd be so many intresting spots to stop at before you reach your official destination, that you should expect to end up at a surprise (one instant) yet non-surprising location (next instant) instead.Outside time, it'll all be pannels frozen. So you could probably see/feel everything (all pannels) all at once, in an instant. A compressed experiance devoid of time and distance. Subconssiouse data.

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