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AUTHORS NOTE: let me begin this chapter with lessons. Lately, I have been wondering if this world deserves lessons or not. Well, a girl, having a mental breakdown, came to me in my dreams, “I am this world” she told me, “Pity me!”
So we meet again, and I’m cleaning up my act a bit, so as even kids can read this story, so no more pornographic writings on this chapter and in the future, plus I’ll be editing all that erotic stuff out in a few weeks, if I am not lazy that is.
Now, when it comes to pornographic writings, did you notice that I put all the intellectual stuff in the middle of the pornographic writing? It’s aimed to test saints and powerful men, if any read my writings.
Try to keep you temptations and negative thoughts in check as you read the naughty stuff in order to reach the important stuff in the middle. If you can’t even do that (keep your head calm and clean during this part, tolerate the itch), and be offended or something, then, I ask you, “How would you stay calm and clear headed while hearing a confession, or (powerful men) how do you not do bad things when you have the power to do it and get away with it?”
You’ve to live through the bad to appreciate the good.
As for the ordinary people, like me, who’re reading it, the trick works reversed. They are drawn in by the quick high of bubblegum thrills and erotic feels, but, in their attempt to get that fix/high they have to swallow in all the good stuff in the middle too. See!
Think about it, it works on several different levels.
So, back to the story, Ed walks out of Amsterdam cafe, high, stinky, and now, equipped with a big shit eating grin on his face! Hehe!
He had things to do, and, as he thought so, he suddenly remembered that he couldn’t remember what it was that he had to do! Dang! He was pissed, he had messed up again! He was trying to find a comfy wall to bang his head against, when suddenly, unexpectedly, uncomfortably, and annoyingly, he bumped into a familiar figure.
“It’s me, Ed!”
“Ed! Remember ‘the firecrackers, expired rat poison, and a dozen pictures of various armpits in your hamburger’ affair?”
“Darn, it’s really you! Why are you still alive? Why the hell did you have to do that to me?”
“What? Oh that, well, I had to throw them out somewhere. Sorry.”
“How can you even say that, you crazy guy? Just because the garbage can is full, doesn’t mean that you can to dump it in my hamburger!”
“Well, I’m sorry Syd, ok? I thought I was recycling, plus you’d better get used to it. I heard someday soon all the garbage cans in this world would be filled up, and when that happens, we’d have to start eating all the garbage up. That’d be the only way left, you know, so might as well start practising in advance, eh?”
“Oh really? Well, I still think that you’re ugly, and while I am at it, why are you wearing that butt ugly mask? No, wait a minute, darn, it’s not a mask, it’s your face, isn’t it? Wow, just wow!”
“Wait, wait, start from the beginning... that girl in the red miniskirt distracted me, sorry, I drifted, so what were you saying again?”
“Never mind that, what’re you doing here? You’re suppose to be waiting for me by the time machine!”
“Oh! Dang, so that’s what I was trying to remember!”
“Never mind that, what are we doing here? We were suppose to be waiting for the bystander by the time machine! Let’s go Syd!”
And off they went and, immediately, got run over by a girl on a shiny tiny bike. They staggered up again and... Well, off they went.
The Time machine was humming faintly by the time they arrived. It was made by a bunch of Americans, Arabs, Russians, Chinese, Germans, Indians, Mexicans... blessed by the Queen herself, a Japanese black Mexican (whatever that is), knighted, piloting it with Koreans, and Thais. Fuelled by the Irish (don’t inquire about the fuel), decorated by the French, and well tested by well trained Eskimos!
Well, the list goes on, in short, the Time machine was so complex to make, that it took the unified resources and knowledge of this whole wide world to build the first prototype. This one, well, has a bit of alien technology, and ancient spells mixed into it too. It’s the standard official version. Works like a charm!
They got in, and off they went.
“Hi, wanna try this weed? It’s skunk!” Ed asked the pilot.
“Well, it’ll take us about an hour to get to our destination, so why not?” replied the pilot, immediately producing some rolling papers.
The party inside the Time machine went on fine, that is, until somebody accidentally sat on the control panel, either that, or the control panel got high to, hehe!
Things went wrong. They had to stop the machine and fix it before moving further.
The pilot stopped the machine, and they got out carefully, as they had no idea where they were and what time it was. Talk about being lost, eh?
They were on a black planet! A strangely familiar and nostalgic black planet, with black skies, and a black sun!
An absolutely insane guy wearing a Nazi armband called out. “Eh! How come I suddenly started speaking English?” he added, and scratched his head a bit.
“Who are you, dude, and where are we?” asked Syd.
“Limbo! The dark limbo! I was the man who fired the bullet that started world war 2, and for that I was punished, damned to live a lonely existence on this terrible, terrible planet for all eternity, I don’t know why god sent you ppl here, to me” replied the guy.
“What? How the hell did we get here, and how the hell do we get out?” asked Syd, obviously puzzled.
“I dunno, I’m just glad to have somebody to talk to, hell, I don’t care about race or religion anymore!” replied the guy, and with that, he tore off his Nazi armband and threw it away. “We’re all the same, we’re all human!” he added blissfully.
“I know...”
A thin guy appeared out of nowhere.
“I know you! You’re that guy I met before, in my dream, you’re...” Ed yelled but the other guy cut in.
“Yes, I am Eddieson, and I need your help.”
“What? How can we possibly help you? You’re the guy with all these weird powers!”
“Well yes, and I thought so too, but I realized that I too needed my help, you see. It’s simple. I have a message and I want it to be delivered to the masses through you. I tried to do it myself but people won’t listen to me, you see. However, I’m sure they’d listen to you guys, they all like your life story, they’re fans of you all, yes, they will listen to you, I guess.”
“Well, I don’t get what you’re saying one bit, but well, what’s the message anyways?” asked Syd, slightly hallucinating.
“It’s long, and I’m tired, so I had it written out. Here, you can read it out aloud for all of us to hear.” Said Eddieson, and handed Syd a note.
“I’m too stoned to read anything right now, here read this Ed.” Protested Syd, passing it on to Ed, who claimed the same excuse and passed it on to the pilot, who by now, could just barely stand.
The pilot just stood there for a few minutes, note in hand, while everybody waited eagerly, finally he said, “ I can’t read a damn thing, I’m sure it’s a painting!”
“Let me take a look at that! Oh, that’s my self portrait, well, no worries, I have the note in here somewhere...” and with that Eddieson produced another note and handed it back to the pilot.
“Dude, I can barely stand, are you stupid or something? Let the Nazi... oh sorry, I think he’s a German now... well, let the crazy German read it, I am baked!” protested the pilot shoving the note to the German.
“Read it, I made it short and direct this time, won’t take long.” Urged Eddieson, and yawning a bit, he added, “but first let’s have a joint!”
Well, they had one already rolled so they immediately got down to business.
Then, the crazy German cleared his throat and started reading, here what he read:
The Mayans weren’t predicting the future, they were just recording the past. EARTH VERSION 1 had already ended/been deleted in 2012.
Like a computer infected with a virus, crashes, this world has already crashed/been deleted. Then, how are we still here, right?
Well, it’s somewhat similar (but at the same time different) to system recovery, the thing where you go back to a time, when your computed wasn’t infected yet, and restore it.
Same thing, well, kindda, we’ve all been given another chance, and we’re about to mess it up again, a second time, and this time around the virus will be more deadly, system recovery probably won’t work again. The virus evolved too, you see, it has updated itself, it learned! YOU HAVEN’T!
As Fidel Castro’s brother puts it yesterday; it’s ok to have your own opinion.
Don’t worry about people who don’t think like you, who aren’t like you, who are of different race and religion. Don’t hate them, it’s all ok. Difference is what makes us human.
A world where different people learn to tolerate each other, and learn to live with each other is like a man who becomes a great man despite his weaknesses and demons. Such a world would be slightly volatile but that’s what makes it well rounded, special, and unique.
Our differences are what make this world “human”. Not just a giant trick, which, once you figure it out, is easily defeated, but a bag full of tricks! One after another, united, for each other!
A mixture of all, good and bad, yet, the good side prevailing gently, and without arrogance, would make this world into a human. Yes, lots of character faults and defects, yet prevailing, in spite of the gigantic odds, and at that instant, becoming LEGENDARY! A POWERFUL BEING, INSPIRATION!
Whereas, on the other hand, a world might progress under the iron rule of a single culture, or follow just one idea, and reject all other or destroy all others who don’t agree, and grow, working like a mean machine, and it’ll probably progress fast, but in the end, this world would grow up into a machine, heartless, emotionless, cold and hard, reduced to scrap iron! No matter how strong or advanced they get, they’d always be machines, restricted ideas, thought patterns. POWERFULL? YES, JUST A POWERFUL TOOL!
EASILY DEAFETED when hit with something alien to their programming, their thought pattern. We need this world to represent the living, not a second hand product (machines: the creation created by the creation of the creator)
Don’t forget being human, at the same time, don’t let your character faults tear you apart. Once that happens, you decay, a multi-cellular organism torn apart, each single cell off on their own, this world, a corpse! The galactic worms recycle you.
An airship!
Spirit, Dear Spirit, what lesson did you learn? Souls ride upon your flight. A hole in your heart, as in mine, a few souls enlightened, I guess. Ask them how it felt like to witness the near end of your world. It’s gonna happen to all of us soon if we keep this up.
A few souls, who were on it, will someday go on to do great things, keep a tab on them. They’re now experienced.
Rich, dear rich, did you think about the stock market, mansions, cars, and bank balance, or did you think about souls, in the possible end which you experienced?
On the other side, only souls... only souls for your soul...
Well, get together, aren’t you all the masters of the human mind? Well, see if you can fix it without any side effects. Are you all experienced enough to trick this whole world into being a gentle being instead of being the psychotic monster it’s almost morphed into?
World peace.
Consider that the holy grail of psychology, go on, see if you can do it. The saints, knights, and the gods of media are already on their way, because if we leave everything to our government, then we sure aren’t going anywhere. It’d be easier to do it our self than to make them understand. There’s no time to wait around for them to get to their senses! Let’s fix their mess ourselves or they’d probably never do it.
Let them do their thing, and let us see if we can focus our energy to save this world regardless of the direction they take. Let’s be the example they’ll follow!
Skull and bones members, although I am not one of you, you must’ve already known me as I have, in near past, already felt your influence, directly or indirectly. You’ve a big role to play. This is your destiny, gear up!
The self-portrait I mentioned earlier is designed after life and its deepest secrets.
Like I said before, it’s a wicked strong charm/spell or whatever it is that you wanna call it. A melting pot of 22 different charms from 22 different cultures.
You see, to enter the painting, or to find the truth, you must shed all your pre-conceived thoughts, become the little kid in the portrait/an open mind, harmless, ready for the quest, and then, and only then will you be able to enter.
It is a mental lock I designed to keep off bad people, but anyone with an open mind can enter it, because such a person, I am not afraid to show my true self to/have nothing to fear against a good person.
Next, the “hair” of thoughts, well, it’s a mixture of all emotions, thoughts, and feelings I had at that point. And the god with the helmet isn’t the devil, I say this because the helmet has horns and some of you might mistake him for the devil.
That god like being is my own invention. I call him “Thanos”. The helmet into which the hair of thought flows into, is a recycle bin. The good thoughts remain intact, just get updated, and the bad /negative thoughts and feelings get recycled, through “Thanos” or death, in order to act out “level two”. Level two is the thing I posted on some site about the boy (open mind) growing into the wolf (pathfinder) into the eagle (enlighten/vision) into the warrior (power to pull the vision, see the job through). In the end, level two will pass through “Thanos” again, and all that remains will be the thoughts I had, my ideas etc, through which I hope to live on, in your minds and perhaps, if I am lucky, in your hearts too.
The curtains represent performance, action, recognition, and the ability of witness reality from an outsiders/alien point of view while being involved in it the same time. In short, to know exactly what you’re doing, in advance. A little message which tells you, “I’ll try to entertain you into being good. This whole world’s a stage, don’t let the audience cheer your ruin and death.” A little nod to Zeno’s theory.
And the “Navigation wheel”, well, we’ll come to that last, for now, all I’ll say is that it’s alive!
NOTE: I added the self portrait bit to help you learn how to make your mind open to view ideas alien, because your mind can’t just tie itself up into a knot every time it senses something alien or new, nor should it lash out bitterly and automatically.
I hope it’s an exercise in becoming more tolerable, open minded, and understanding, which we desperately need to be now, or it’s the end real soon!
Take good care of me and you, ok?
Regards -Eddieson okram

“Well” said Eddieson, “that’s about it.”
“Don’t worry, we’ll tell everyone that.” Ed said, scratching his chin and thinking deeply.
“Well, take the crazy German back home (you’d need to read earlier chapters to get this part) with you too, he suffered for the sins of his people, and now he is freed by the deeds of his people... my, my, how people change! Oh, and don’t worry, no need to tell anyone about my message, it’s already done! Take care buddy!” Eddieson replied, looking at a photo of his Jackie, (the note read was written on the back of her photo) and with that they all got into the Time machine (which now was working fine, funny eh?) and off they went again!
Well, world, which way?
The choice is yours, hell you want, hell I shall deliver, heaven you want, heaven, I shall deliver!
Make up your mind already, we’re almost in hell!

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